International Council for Advanced Network Technologies

We have been tasked by the internet at large to determine which technologies are advancing the current state of the art, or are a hindrance to a functioning, interoperable, and open internet.

List of deprecated technologies

List of inherently hazardous technologies

There are many more inherently hazardous technologies that are not yet listed. The Special Committee on Advertising and Marketing is studying current internet advertising technology and content broker services and is expected to significantly expand this list.

We would also like to note that while systemd continues to expand its tentacles into the network, is frustratingly annoying, pointless, bloated, broken by design, abusive, abrasive, unwanted, unnecessary, frustratingly annoying, violates the principal of least astonishment, replaces well-established lean software, fails to advance to the state of the art, and is otherwise generally unpleasant, it is not inherently hazardous. That being said, by unanimous vote of the entirety of ICANT's staff, members, and volunteers, ICANT would like to extend a healthy "would you please not" to its creator and proponents should they ever decide to write software in the future.

List of rude practices