John Havard


GLN 0860223001204

TEL +1 601 519 0495

FAX +1 769 230 3036

Work can be contracted through my employer.  I mainly deal with servers and the sort of software most will never see.  If I am needed for normal desktop support, something has seriously gone wrong. For fun, I like to use solutions that are overkill for my personal needs.  Fortunately, the skills learned are transferable to the day job. Somehow, I get into something about six weeks before it is needed at work.

My latest oddball project is a weekly mailing list which I use as sort of a paper blog that managed to fuse with a previous project which was a telegraph network / message handling system.  I have also managed to get back into Java J2EE development while working on this. I 💓 EJB.




  • Administration of mail systems
    • Cyrus IMAP
    • Microsoft Exchange
  • Operating Systems
    • Linux, Solaris and others
    • Windows
  • Development
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Business BASIC (BBj)
    • Python
  • Database Design
  • Worldox
  • ERP and Accounting Systems
    • Sage 300 ERP
    • Sage 300 CRE